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Selling with Peter Jeffrey

Selling your home always brings some difficult decisions, however choosing your Real Estate Agent does not have to be one of them! The following infromation gives an insight into how I approach the important job of selling your home.

Given the nature of the real estate industry today, I ensure I am available through e-mail and mobile telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Much of my work occurs out of ‘traditional’ working hours, with appointments at clients’ own homes on most weeknights and weekends. I regularly stay in touch with my valued clients, through regular updates as well as more ‘informal’ means such as discussions in the local community.

I choose to adopt a different approach to most in the Real Estate profession. I prefer to advertise my name through positive word of mouth and recommendations rather than filling people’s letter boxes with coloured photos, phrases and promises. As a result and due to my local profile a majority of my sales come from word-of-mouth referrals, with very little advertising.

I prefer to spend my own money paying for a vendor’s signboard, which has several positive outcomes, in that it shows people not just my name but the company I represent and that I am out and about in my local area working hard on my vendors behalf. This I find is a much more sensible and effective alternative than cluttering people’s mail boxes and demonstrates how quickly a property is sold by when a ‘SOLD’ sticker is visible on the board.

Due to the efficient running of a ‘potential buyer’ database, I have sold several properties throughout the 2006/07 year without advertising. This is due to the network of people I regularly keep in touch with through updates and e-mails. The flexibility of the database, allows for clients specific needs to be monitored and they are then informed if suitable properties became available rather than ‘random’ e-mailing of information about unsuitable properties. This database has grown significantly over the past 12 months and several sales have resulted from it, benefiting all parties, the purchasers, vendors and myself, as I know all buyers listed are already qualified.

I am always willing, despite how busy I may be, to give people the time of day to chat about and informally discuss real estate issues, even when shopping or out socially. As a result I have a well-known profile in my local area and am well known for my social and communication skills, something I am regularly told through client feedback.